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Welcome to Ancient Egypt

To a time 1500 years BC, when Queen Hatshepsut ruled a vast land that was mostly desert, where life clung to the margins of the Nile, where the ability to grow crops was dependent on the annual flooding, when low flood levels meant starvation for high and low alike. 

Lillum Series

Do read the series introduction and the excerpts from the first book after clicking the Lillum Series button above. Check the news button from time to time to see what books are in which stage of writing, editing and publication.


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The Empty Sandal is to be released by Desert Breeze Publishing in October 2016, with The Stolen Ruby following it in September 2017.



The Blue Scarab :

Lillum lives in an Egypt ruled by Queen Hatshepsut and dominated by its gods. At fifteen she looked after her artist father, but that changed when he was accused of tomb robbing and disappeared.

In his absence, she is punished and sent to the great temple of Amun Re in Thebes as a slave.

After two long years she is given a chance at happiness but discovers she is being watched. Is it the mad priest who tried to kill her the night her father disappeared, or is it the rebels hell-bent on removing the queen?



The Empty Sandal :

Queen Hatshepsut is ill.  The vultures are circling.  Lillum returns to Egypt with her Nubian servant Kowte, hoping to find those who poisoned her beloved Jamin, but someone close to the queen is determined to find and capture her.

She flees north to Abydos, refusing help from her uncle, the man who had her whipped and enslaved. She thinks she has escaped but the gods have set plans in motion, plans she is powerless to resist.

Can she withstand her uncle’s brooding violence? Can she find Jamin's killers and being them to justice? Is nowhere safe from the consequences of rampant political ambition?



Publication Schedule

Book 1: The Blue Scarab

Published September 2015

Book 2: The Empty Sandal

Published October 2016

Book 3: The Stolen Ruby

Estim. Published September 2017

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